Hyun-Hwa Park / Director, Technical trader

Hyun-Hwa Park
Director, Technical trader

Since 2000, Director Hyun-Hwa Park has conducted research development and planning as a researcher at a Technology Research Center of semiconductor, display, PCB, and system semiconductor companies. Based on the diverse research and planning experience she accumulated at the research centers and corporations, Ms. Park moved to a Patent Law Firm in 2017, working on various work such as patent analysis, IP-R&D, and technology commercialization. She joined the ECM Patent Law Office in 2019. 

Director, Hyun-Hwa Park majored in semiconductors, and he possesses know-how related to photolithography technology using dry film and liquid PR, Fine Metal Mask (FMM) process technology for OLED, surface treatment and cleaning process technology using plasma technology, sputter and PECVD deposition technology, PCB and Package process technology, and new development projects and government R & D project planning and operation management. Based on her experience as a researcher, Mr. Park carries out establishing core patent response strategies, IP creation strategies, R&D direction strategies, and government R&D project consulting. With a sincere heart, Mr. Park will be the partner who shares difficulties and doubles success of the customers.

Bachelor of Electronic Materials Engineering, Kwangwoon University (1998)
Master’s Degree, Graduate School of Electronic Materials Engineering, Kwangwoon University (2000)
Qualified and Acquired the Angel Investment Qualification (2018)
Acquired the Technology Trader License (2019)
ECM Patent Law Office, Partner-Expert (2019 ~)
Head of Patent Analysis Team, Mooil Patent Law Office (2018 ~ 2019)
Patent Law Office Nuri (2017 ~ 2018)
Technical Research Institutes of Simmtech Co., Ltd./Jesagi Hankook Co., Ltd./ Poongwon Precision Co., Ltd. /Mtekvision Co., Ltd. (2000 ~ 2015)
Performed government project of ‘Development of high resolution image processing integrated SoC and embedded SW for advanced driver assistance systems'
Performed government project of ‘Development of PCB plasma organic film surface treatment equipment and process technology'
Performed government project of 'Development of Sputtering equipment for Next Generation PCB'
Performed government project of 'Development of High Temperature Gas Beam Thermal Treatment equipment for Nano Metal Ink Sintering’
Performed government project of ‘Development of printed electronic technology incorporating conductive Nano paste'
Patent Map and IP-R&D work
Technology commercialization work
R&D direction strategy establishment work
Government R&D project consulting work

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