Hang Sook Cho / Partner Patent Attorney

Yoon Suk-in
Partner Patent Attorney

Patent Attorney Yoon Suk-in performed diverse tasks such as national domestic · overseas applications prosecution and appeals, infringement analysis, evaluation on technology and business values, and use of intellectual property rights as a representative of domestic and overseas large and medium-sized companies including Company L, Company S, Company P, Company E, and Company D, start-ups, institutes, and universities, and joined ECM IP & Law Firm in 2022 as a partner. 
In addition, with a good grasp of the needs and conditions of small and medium-sized companies and start-ups, she uses corporate growth strategies by developing patents, establishing overseas patent application strategies, constructing IP portfolios for successful EXIT, and presenting strategic patent technology utilization plans for each company. 
In addition, she performs work related to evaluating technology and business values in collaboration with external specialists. 
Especially, she has specialized experience in secondary batteries materials, semiconductor materials, compounds, compositions, reaction processes, etc. and provides the best service as an expert in chemical and bio fields, as well as the active service to protect clients’ businesses and create intellectual property rights. 

Passed the 54th Patent Attorney Examination 
Graduated from the department of chemistry at Ewha Womans University 
Thesis: Bulletin of The Korean Chemical Society, Vol. 21, No. 6, 553-554, 2000 
Partner patent attorney at ECM IP & Law Firm
Patent attorney at WethePeople IP & Law Firm
Patent attorney at IP Magna Patent & Law Firm
Patent attorney of patent represent for start-ups, small, medium, and large-sized companies
Patent attorney of patent represent for industry-university cooperation foundations
Deal with domestic and overseas patent prosecution and appeals.
Deal with domestic and overseas patent disputes
Analyze patent infringements
Mentor specialized in start-ups
Senior researcher at Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency (the government R&D, private)
 Senior researcher at Regional Intellectual Property Center 
Counsel on intellectual property rights
Intellectual property rights prosecution and appeals
Intellectual property rights litigation
Evaluation on intellectual property right values and business values
Consultancy of patent-based taxation
 Intellectual property rights business for national certification 

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