Kim Hyun / Partner Patent Attorney

Kim Hyun
Partner Patent Attorney

Patent attorney Kim Hyun started his career in 2004 and has been handling various contract businesses related to application/judgement/lawsuit and standard essential patent (VESA) as an attorney for a number of companies and universities, joining ECM Patent Law Office in 2021. Based on his work experience in taking the lead in R&D at a major company’s research institute, dealing with inspection/judgement/lawsuit as a senior examiner/litigation solicitor, and leading most of the disputes against global companies and big law firms to success as a patent attorney, he provides professional services with regard to application / judgement / lawsuit, design-arounds, appraisal of infringement, and licensing agreement in a variety of fields such as machinery/secondary battery/electronic components. 

Registered as a patent attorney (2004)
Obtained a doctor’s degree in engineering from Korea University Graduate School (mechanical engineering) (1993)
Partner patent attorney at ECM Patent Law Office (2021- )
Patent attorney at ERUUM & LEEON Intellectual Property Law Firm (2019-2021)
Representative patent attorney at Cowell International Patent Law Firm (2004-2019)
Transport machinery division, vehicle division, fine chemistry division in Korea Intellectual Property Office /Senior examiner (1997-2004)
Invention promotion division in Korea Intellectual Property Office / Deputy director in charge of small and medium-sized businesses 
Litigation solicitor at Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board 
Senior researcher at Construction machinery Institute of Samsung Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. (1993-1997) 
Outside director of Powerlogics Co.,Ltd. (2004-2006)
Outside director of Uju Electronics Co., Ltd (2008-2012)
Criminal case mediator at Public Prosecutors' Office (2007-2009)
Expert member in court (2012-)
Deliberation council member of Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (2000-)

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